Our Handsome Boys

**AKC Registered**

The Dachshund Domain's



Romeo is our chocolate based cream dapple long coat male.  He is a cuddle bug & so sweet with a very thick full coat.


* * * * * 


Carbon is our solid black smooth coat male.  He carries chocolate, dilute & pie bald.  He has the funniest, silliest personality and keeps us laughing. He makes some of the most handsome and sweet puppies ever! 



Prince is our ee cream long coat male.  He has the most gentle demeanor & loves to play in the water. He is the sweetest boy with a thick coat of fur. 



Aspen is an isabella based ee cream dapple long coat male.  He carries the pie bald gene & points.  If everything goes well with him he will be our future stud beginning in 2021. He is sweet and so passive just like we love for our boys to be.  He is 8 pounds of pure sweetness & fluff. 

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The Dachshund Domain's Tan Man


Tanner is our chocolate & tan long coat male that carries dilute & cream.  He has beautiful puppies.  He is so sweet & loves his belly rubs. Retired 2020