These are our Retired boys & girls

** AKC Registered**


Jemma is our dark red brindle long haired girl.  She is so laid back and always wagging her tail.  She follows us everywhere we go.

She carries chocolate, cream & pie bald. Retired 2020

Jemma is the mother of our Kona & Poppy 


Sapphire is our blue & tan long haired girl.

She is our biggest girl weighing about 15 pounds

Sapphire carries cream & chocolate. Retired in 2020

Sapphire is the mom of our Nala & Meadow.


Nala is our shaded cream long coat girl & the daughter of Sapphire. Nala carries dilute, chocolate & pie bald. She weighs 9 pounds. Retired in 2020. Nala is the mother of our River. Nala will be available to the right pet home later in 2021

Raine & Raven

Raine & Raven are our solid black long haired twin girls. They are sisters from the same litter & very bonded. These 2 girls are very loving & passive.  They are petite & the smallest girls in our family. Retired 2020. Raine & Raven are a bonded pair. They will be available to the right pet home later in 2021.

Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes is a great grand pup of ours.  She is a black & tan dapple smooth coat girl that carries chocolate. She is a happy go lucky girl & so very smart. Retired 2020. Twinkle Toes is the mother to our Luna & Lindy.

She will forever stay with us. 


Star is our blue dapple smooth coat girl.  She is the granddaughter of Our Tanner & was born & raised here with us.  She is a super sweet quiet girl & is very much a lap baby.  Retired 2020. Star will be available to the right pet home in 2021 with her long haired sister Sky.  We would like these girls to stay together. 


Honey is our ee cream long haired girl.  She carries pie bald & has some of the sweetest babies. Retired 2020

Not Available

Honey is the mother of our Ivory & Haven.



Shadow is our black & cream long coat male. 

He is very playful and loves to hoard all of the squeaky toys. 

Not Available

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