Updated 05/19/2022

May 27, 2022 due date - Lindy (chocolate & tan smooth coat) & Aspen (ee cream dapple long hair)

Expected:   smooth or long coats

They can have cream, red, solid chocolate, chocolate & tan, chocolate & cream solid & any of those colors with the dapple pattern.  We are very excited to see their babies! 

June 24, 2022 due date - Comet (black pie bald smooth coat) & Aspen (ee cream dapple long hair)

Expected:   smooth or long coats

They can have cream, red, solid black, black & tan, black & cream, solid blue, blue & tan, blue & cream, solid chocolate, chocolate & tan or chocolate & cream, solid isabella, isabella & tan, isabella & cream and any of those colors with dapple or pie bald patterns.  This is a repeat pairing.  Their babies will be so beautiful.  We are very excited for these sweet babies! 

July 12, 2022 due date - Opal (ee cream hidden dapple long hair) & Prince (ee cream long hair)

Expected:   all long coats

They will have all ee cream long haired pups with black noses.  They can have dapples as Opal is a hidden dapple but with cream dapples the dappling is hidden and you can not see it on their coat.  We are very excited for their babies!  This is a repeat pairing and we will be keeping a girl this time.  They have had some amazing babies that are so smart.  We get pictures and videos all the time of their babies learning new tricks.  

We expect Poppy and Macey to be breeding soon.  They will be added to the list when they do.  


We plan to have long haired and smooth litters in 2022. When we have bred one of our girls we will post their upcoming litter here. 

Waiting List Info:

We no longer have a regular notification waiting list.  Beginning June 2021 we have started a deposit paid waiting list for those seriously interested in getting a puppy from us.  If you would like to reserve your spot on our paid waiting list send us a message.  Any puppies that are not claimed by the waiting list will be posted on the Available Puppies Page.


Choosing your puppy will go in the order deposits are received for our Waiting List.  

Deposits do not expire.  If you do not choose a puppy in the first litter your deposit rolls over to the next and so on until we have the puppy for you.  

The wait list deposit is $100.  The deposit does go toward the price of your puppy.   

***If you would like to inquire about a particular pairing please send an email to tinaedge81@yahoo.com ***